About Suzanne


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A little about myself...

I am married with two boys, now young adults making their own way in the world.
I love my work, 5 Rhythms dance and every now and again I come back to various creative projects, whether it be painting, drawing, felt making, stained glass or occasionally photography.
A few years ago I reached a cross roads where I was trying to fit in the creative work along side my reflexology and reiki. I always put 100% into anything I do and trying to juggle both just wasn't working. Something had to give. I chose my therapy work even though my art and craft work was dear to my heart, I felt my therapy work was my true calling.

Why I trained as a Reflexologist:
I always felt I was wearing the wrong pair of shoes in my 25 years teaching career in Art and Design. It took 5 years to leave my teaching post, gradually reducing my hours, with the support of the secondary school where I worked.
When I finally took the plunge and left, it took a whole year before I even got a single appointment and I sometimes wandered if I had done the right thing. However, if you really want to do something, you persevere and find a way. My new business was finally kick-started in a small village hall, when I gave a talk on reflexology to a handful of people. (Three of those, were relatives or people I new!) But from that talk, a nucleus of clients emerged within the local area and from that point onward my practice grew from strength to strength.
Building a successful business from scratch is my proudest achievement and I have never looked back since stepping away from teaching.

What is the best thing about being a reflexologist:
I love being a reflexologist because I am constantly learning and developing as a therapist, through on the job learning but also through regular workshops, seminars, conferences and studying different aspects of reflexology and energy work.
Everybody's needs are different and the challenges that some clients bring, can often offer me new insights, which propel me along new lines of enquiry and learning. This is immeasurably satisfying and at times, exciting.

The Way I Work:
My work has developed organically. I experiment and explore different approaches in order to meet the needs of my clientele. I work instinctively, and I am able to draw upon a large knowledge base in order to treat, to the best of my ability, the people who come to me for help and support. Every therapist develops their own way of working which is personal to them. I am just as happy giving a one off relaxation session, or a series of more in depth treatments. Every session I hold is geared to each individual and I will adapt the treatment by using reflexology, reiki and acupressure, depending on the needs of the client. I will regularly reassess and if necessary, make adjustments as needed. A persons requirements will often change as treatment progresses.

The initial Reflexology session is usually of an exploratory nature, with feedback from the client. I use the information gleaned during this session, to formulate a suitable treatment plan if required. Over the years, the sensitivity of my hands has grown considerably and I can often pin point areas of sensitivity before a client tells me about it.

I learned to work with reiki as the technique heightens the positive effects of reflexology. The Reiki technique works with our energy system which often leaves people with a calm sense of self along with a feeling of peace and self acceptance. I offer reiki as a stand alone therapy and I also use it within or in combination with a reflexology session, depending upon the needs of the client.

Within a reflexology session, I draw upon acupressure in order to work with the pressure points along the energy meridians of the body. All of the meridians, or energy pathways which go to and from the feet, pass through all of the major organs of the body. That is one of the reasons why working the feet is so good for us, often improving energy levels and helping us to feel better in ourselves, plus so much more!

What I love about reflexology
I love that reflexology is, at heart, such a simple process. In my experience, the feet accurately reflect the state of our bodies. If someone has a problem or imbalance in the body, the corresponding area of the foot (called a reflex), will be sensitive in some way.
A two way process occurs:
When the sensitive reflexes of the feet are massaged and manipulated, they become less sensitive, whilst at the same time, having a positive effect on the corresponding area of the body, with the possibility of easing pain etc.
I am constantly amazed at this practice and its potential for helping people on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.