History of Reiki...

Dr. Mikao Usui 1865-1926
A Brief History of Reiki...
ThereDr Chujiro Hayashi are many versions in regard to the origins of Reiki. One thing that is clear, is that Reiki was founded in the late 1800's by Dr. Mikao Usui who developed the modern Reiki tradition practised today.
Through study, research, and deep meditation, he evolved a system of healing based on ancient Buddhist teachings.  He learned how to transmit healing energy using his hands and how to teach others to do it as well.  He devoted the rest of his life to offering treatments and to teaching others how to do what he called "Reiki.”

During his travels in 1926 he became severely ill and passed away. He was only 62 years old. In the short time between the inception of Reiki and his sudden death, he taught over 2,000 students.  A few years before his death, he passed this knowledge, among others, to a Dr Chijiro Hayashi, whom he declared his successor in 1930.  Hayashi was a retired Navy captain looking for something to do with the next phase of his life when he met Usui and learned Reiki.  He had a very busy clinic in Tokyo; treatments were given on 10 tables in a large room, with two practitioners at each table.  Dr. Hayashi would then pass his teachings on to Mrs Hawayo Takata who brought Reiki to the western world. The 22 people that she trained as Reiki Masters have helped to spread Reiki to every country in the world. 

Mrs Hawayo Takata 1900-1980 Dr. Usui developed 5 Reiki ideals that were based on the 5 principles of the Emperor Meiji. The ideals were intended to promote spiritual healing. Applying continuous effort to heal emotionally and improve our relationship with our peers is a vital component of the Reiki System. The Reiki ideals offer a guide towards living an enjoyable life and acknowledging the beauty and gifts that surround us:

Reiki Principles

   • Just for today, I will not anger
   • Just for today, I will not worry
   • Just for today, I will be grateful
   • Just for today, I will be diligent with my work
   • Just for today, I will be kind to others